My issues with food!

I have always had a problem with food, from having ARFID to being a vegan to projectile vomiting my meals. Me and food don't get along, at times I wish I could survive without eating a meal ever again!

By Ida Anderson


I have ARFID, it stands for Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. ARFID is a type of eating disorder in which people lack interest in food. Someone with this disorder is very restricted in what they can eat and is described as being an extremely picky eater. Someone with ARFID can have significant weight loss and may be reliant on feeding tubes or nutritional supplements. I have to take nutritional supplements, or I will become very ill.

My issues with food mean that I only have a limited selection of foods I am safe with. At the moment I am pretty much only eating rice, soup and bread rolls.

Vegetarian and Veganism

When I was 12, I became vegetarian because of my OCD thoughts, I would see dead rotting animals inside my head. I could no longer come to terms with eating meat and I now describe meat as "poisonous" because it isn't a safe food. Gradually my bad thoughts about dairy products and eggs were getting too hard to control. It made me really upset because I loved foods like cakes and non-vegan sweets and chocolates. I then became vegan at the age of 15 and I found it really hard. I still look at cakes and treats in shops wishing I could have them, but my OCD tells me those foods are too unsafe. In my words poisonous! I also struggle with vegan food as not all vegan foods are safe. Especially vegan cheese! Aka the most poisonous vegan food ever, I don't know why but I just can't go near it.

Projectile Vomiting

Projectile Vomiting is a severe type of vomiting in which stomach contents can be forcefully thrown up. It usually comes in shorter and more violent bursts.

I don't know what causes my projectile vomiting, however I do know I really hate food because of it. Two years ago, I started throwing up after many of my meals and it was not on purpose. I would only eat my safe foods, which mostly consisted of pasta and I started eating pasta every single meal. This is when my projectile vomiting kicked in and it got extremely bad at one point. I would eat pasta and then 10 seconds later feel very nauseous. I then would run to my yellow bucket and projectile vomit into it. This would happen once or twice a day! Everyday. I went to the doctor’s multiple times, but it didn't really help as all they suggested were anti sickness tablets. I then realised pasta was making me the sickest, compared to other foods and I decided to completely cut off pasta from my diet. I still throw up, however, it is much better than what it was.

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