I want to go to school

Not just any school, as I know I wouldn't be able to cope in anything mainstream. However, the school I want to go to is tiny, quiet and sounds perfect for me!

By Ida Anderson

For so long I was losing hope thinking I'd never find education suitable for me again. I had missed 3 years of school and would be extremely behind going into a mainstream school. Either way, I definitely don't want to go to a mainstream school as its too big and scary, and from past experiences I just don't suit them. Then all a sudden I hear about this particular school and think it's perfect for me!

It's very small, I think the classes range from 5-9 students. And from what I have heard the students sound very nice. I haven't met them yet, but I am going for a taster day next week. I believe the students have been through similar stuff to me and have also missed some time away from school. That is a big relief because I don't want to be so far behind that I am the odd one out.

Not only that but if I do go to the school, I would get a gradual start. I wouldn't have to go in every day or every afternoon, it would be very flexible for my needs. And if I do decide to go in full time, it would only be 3 days a week! So, I would have 2 weekdays and the weekend to relax, which I will very much need.

Studying wise, they have typical lessons like maths and English. Plus, you get to make a project of your choice. And I believe the classrooms are usually quiet and if you want you can listen to music. Music is very important to me as I find it calming.

One of the days the students learn about life skills and I think that would be very important for me. I also hate sports with a passion, and unlike most schools they won't force you to do sports or anything you don't like. And there is no set homework or exams, which is massively a good thing because in my previous schools' homework and exams took up my life.

I met some of the teachers when I went to visit, and they all seemed really nice and understanding. The school even has its own therapist!

I can't wait to go back to this school to try a taster day, even though I am nervous I really want to go to this school. It would give me opportunities and make me feel like my life isn't all that useless.

Feel free to let me know what you think!

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