Back to the airport!

Today I am going to the airport because my boyfriend is flying over here to see me. I am super excited and can't wait to hug him again!

By Ida Anderson

Before my boyfriend comes, I have a lot to do to get ready. I usually make a list, so I don't panic as much. In the morning I would have a bath and shave. Then I would wash my hair, and this would take forever as my hair is so long. I also have to clean my bed, dust, hoover, empty my bin, but my mum helps me with all the chores. Later on, I find some nice clothes to wear and I put on all my beautiful jewellery that my boyfriend has bought me. My makeup routine comes next but thankfully that routine doesn't take as long anymore.

I am finally all ready and have showered, shaved and put all my makeup on, so now I have nothing left to do other than to wait. Me and my boyfriend, Emil saw each other exactly 3 weeks ago but I have still been missing him like crazy. He is coming for the whole weekend and I have planned a lot of nice things to do together on the Saturday.

After this weekend, I won't see Emil again until mid-January and I will miss out on celebrating his birthday and Christmas with him. This will make me very sad, but I bought a lot of presents for him to take home on Sunday. I really hope this weekend lasts forever because for me to not see him again for a whole 7 weeks will be really hard.

I love Emil a lot. He is the only person in the whole world who I feel comfortable hugging and he is such a good boyfriend. He is very understanding of my issues and even though he has seen me in many meltdowns and crying fits, he still loves me for me.

Since I won't be able to celebrate his birthday with him on the day, me and Emil will celebrate it on the Saturday. We will go to the cinema and have a takeaway! I am looking forward to this and so is he. Plus, I bought him a birthday cake and some candles for him to blow out. I hope the cake is nice, it is chocolate flavoured so I am sure he will love it.

Me and my mum are now going to the airport, finally! I will listen to some of my music in the car as it calms me before stepping into the busy arrivals. And now I am even more excited as it is only 30 minutes away until I see my boyfriend!

Feel free to let me know what you think!

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