Airports and seeing my bf!

Today I am going to the airport to pick up my boyfriend. We haven’t seen each other in a whole 3 weeks, and I have been missing him like crazy!

By Ida Anderson

My boyfriend lives all the way in Denmark! His name is Emil and although our relationship is long distance, we get to see each other once a month. (Well this month he is coming twice! Because he can’t come in December).

Leading up to seeing my boyfriend, I can get very agitated. After getting ready, I will find it hard to concentrate on anything else. Even if it’s just TV. And when it’s near the time to leave for the airport, I always beg my mum if we can leave sooner. I want to get there with plenty of time to spare. Otherwise, I would stress and worry that my boyfriend might get there first. Plus, I am so excited and just want to go and see my boyfriend already!

I used to get extremely anxious when it came to airports. But, ever since dating my boyfriend I have been to the airport a lot and with time I felt less stressed. My boyfriend is especially brave with airports because he has to go past security and into the busiest part. Whereas, I just have to wait at the arrivals with my mum. It can get quite busy but the thought of seeing my boyfriend any minute now calms me down.

My boyfriend would often stay Friday to Sunday. Sadly, we only get a full day of Saturday together. However, it’s still nice because we fill that Saturday with lots of hugs and fun activities. If we can’t afford to go out and do something, we will watch lots of movies, play board games and walk my dog.

On the Sunday when he goes home, I can find that very hard. His flight is often super early, so we have to wake up at 6am. There have even been times when we had to wake up at 3am. And when we get to the airport, saying goodbyes are always upsetting. I would then have to distract myself from the sadness. However, we have planned a few trips all the way up to February, so at least I know when I’ll see him again!

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